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Reflection on the past two weeks

The Kindness Challenge took up quiet a lot of time and energy and I feel like I havnt yet had a proper chance to thank everyone involved for their input and time. 

The emails and feedback from the people who took part really touched Cayden and I here are just a few excerpts that I would like to share:-

– Cheering up people is such fun!! Emily has now taken to hugging ANYone who looks like they might need it. 🙂

– I’m so thrilled you are spreading so much kindness – it can only cause a miracle in the world if everyone was to follow your example!

– Day 2 – smashed …. Granny G took delicious crunchies to a neighbour, Grandpa G and Granny G each phoned a friend they had not spoken to for a very long time!

– Good idea and thanks for challenging us this week. It has been fun and very worthwhile.

– Dear Cayden and Salz… My smile took me many places today. 

– Lucy pinned this drawing on our wall this morning to remind us to keep smiling.. Even AFTER the smile challenge 😀

– We think we practice kindness but it helps to be reminded as you did in the week past.  It made me more aware of what I do and more observant of what I could do.

– Just wanted to comment and say your Kindness Challenge was AWESOME!! So well thought out, great ideas for kids AND adults. So awesome that you focused on such a wide range of areas with manageable steps in each one. At the beginning of the week I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and almost wishing I hadn’t committed to fitting more things into my week but I quickly felt so rewarded doing the various things, loved how good it made us & others feel. Overall, just fabulous – well done you guys, you are changing the world!

DONT forget each and every one of you have the power to change the world!
Each small act of kindness has a ripple effect that goes on immeasurably! Be the change you want to see in the world, it does not have to be a grand time consuming gesture it can be as simple as a kind word or smile.





Caydens First Kindness Challenge

Caydens First Kindness Challenge

Wow what a special week!
Cayden & I really enjoyed sitting down and planning each day, thinking of fun ideas of things to do and drafting emails to send out to the participants.
Each day has a different aspect of kindness to be focused on:-
1. Kind Words;
2. Be kind to the world (environmentally)
3. Kind Actions
4. Be kind to your body
5. Smile Day!

Congratulations to each and everyone who took part we starting a ripple of kindness that week which will be far reaching!