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Caydens First Kindness Challenge

Caydens First Kindness Challenge

Wow what a special week!
Cayden & I really enjoyed sitting down and planning each day, thinking of fun ideas of things to do and drafting emails to send out to the participants.
Each day has a different aspect of kindness to be focused on:-
1. Kind Words;
2. Be kind to the world (environmentally)
3. Kind Actions
4. Be kind to your body
5. Smile Day!

Congratulations to each and everyone who took part we starting a ripple of kindness that week which will be far reaching!

Sharing some tea & a chat in Harfield Village

23 July 2013 - kindness

So on Tuesday Cayden, a good friend of his and I set out armed with muffins, inspirational notes & tea ready to share some kindness around our neighbourhood.

We got to meet Thomas a homeless man who has a one day a week job but is struggling to find other work, Louise a mom of two who begs at the robot near our local Spar to feed herself and her children and Charlotte a lady who is living under a shop door trying to get shelter at night from the rain.

It was great to be able to warm them up a little with a hot cup of tea and to just sit down and have a small chat with them. It is so easy to forget that they are humans just like us that have a name and a story!

To end of a successful afternoon of kindness the kids decided by themselves to pick up a bunch of rubbish from the pavement and toss it in the bin.
What a perfect world it would be if every kid grew up wanting to help others and the planet!

Mandela Day – 2013

So with our kindness drive Mandela Day fit in perfectly with our mission to infect the world with Kindness and instead of just sticking to the ‘required’ 67 mins of kindness we made a day of it!

While Cayden was at school I started off the morning at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital (http://www.westerncape.gov.za/your_gov/5981) visiting two of the wards and playing with the children there. As a mother of two boys it was absolutely heartbreaking to see so many sick kids, however the Red Cross has an amazing volunteer program and big ups to all the volunteers that spend hours there each week just bringing a smile to these sick children. 

Then after school Cayden and I went through to Operation Smile’s offices in Woodstock (http://southafrica.operationsmile.org/). What an awesome organisation:- Operation Smile South Africa provides free surgeries to repair cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities for children around the globe! 

Cayden was super proud to be the first kid to volunteer there on Mandela Day and was keen to get started. So we started packing Smile Bags (gift bags that each child receives after the operation is over). Cayden took great care in choosing toys that he thought were pretty awesome and the boys would particularly like and packed more Smile Bags than any of the other volunteers there. He worked tirelessly for 2 hours before decided to move on to another area before we had to leave. 

We ended up in the ‘creative corner’ where they had scraps of material, needle, thread etc and anyone could just make whatever they liked to be included in the smile bags and given to the children. The sweetest thing was that Cayden wanted to know if we had to pay to make something there…. Needless to say 45mins later when we really needed to get home I had to drag him away with must protesting. His final words being when we come back here again can we come on a Saturday so I don’t have to go to school first and we can stay all day! 

After a day fulled with fun, gratitude and kindness it was great to know that it was just another day for us and that our acts of kindness were not just saved for once a year, people often get so caught up in the ‘Mandela Day’ vibe that they forget that there are 364 other days in the year that we can help other people on. 

So here is to making everyday a Mandela Day and being the change we want to see in the World!!


Going Global!

Going Global!

So my fabulous brother Bruce left for London town yesterday and we asked if he would distribute some books along the way for us.

We bought four small booklets and wrote a message in the front page.

The idea is that the books are left in public places and the note asks that they write down one thing that made them smile that day. They then leave the book in another public place for someone else to find 🙂

We are super excited about the thought of our journey being shared around the world and have encouraged people to take a pic and post it in twitter so that we can follow the journey online.

This is our first pic!

Bruce gave the first booklet to two Ugandan ladies that were on the same flight as him.

Cant wait to follow the books on twitter!