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Holiday in Knysna

What a great week away in Knysna spending time with Cayden’s grandparents. I must say I was struck by the wonderful close knit community feel of this ‘small town’. People where so friendly and willing to help out.

We had quiet a few opportunities to share the kindness and a few ones stick out as particularly cool 🙂

On our last full day in Knysna we took Cayden to explore the caves by the Heads in Knysna. He was quiet excited and secretly hoping to find some hidden treasure (we had just been reading Enid Blyton’s Valley of Adventure which is about finding awesome treasure in hidden caves!). So he was super excited when he found a wallet which had fallen down into one of the narrow dark crevices in one of the caves. He excitedly showed us all when he came home and was happy to find that the owner of the wallet had put a piece of paper in it with his name and cell number on it. 

We managed to get in contact with the owner and found out it was a young boy who had lost his wallet a short while ago and we made a plan to drop it off on our way back home the next day. The boy was so grateful to get his wallet back that he said Cayden should treat himself to an ice cream with some of the money in his wallet as a thank you for being so honest and giving it back to him.

So we met up with the boys brother on our way home yesterday and was amazed to hear that the day before (when Cayden found the wallet) the boy who the wallet belonged to had rubbed the Knysna’s good luck charm, Bondi’s, nose and wished for his wallet to be found. What a happy ending and we got to end the holiday on a high note!