Cayden’s Kindness is Back!

So after 2 and a half years of being out of action Cayden is back and full of plans to spread more kindness!

We spent Saturday afternoon scheming over an amazing Thai meal and we are busy planning a new kindness challenge as we speak so watch this space!

Don’t forget:-

Studies consistently show that we feel happier when we perform acts of kindness. Not only do good deeds make us feel better but people who are kind and compassionate are usually the most successful.

WHATS not to like!!


Caydens Kindness

2 thoughts on “Cayden’s Kindness is Back!

  1. Well done Cayden. I can’t wait to follow your kind deeds. I am sure they will encourage others to do the same. You are a very kind boy at heart and will definitely spread much joy and kindness in the weeks ahead. Lots of love, Granny G

  2. Fabulous Salz and Cayds – can’t wait to see what you’re going to be getting up to in the next while. Looking forward to taking part in the challenge too, whatever it is! 🙂

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