Sharing Warmth on a Rainy day…

So we have been a bit slack at updating our blog over the last two weeks but we have been slaving over our scarf making and getting to the stage where we could start handing out.



After our appeal on the blog and Facebook a few wonderfully generous people donated enough money for us to make 40 scarves and sandwiches! It is so lovely to see the generosity of friends and family and to know we have so many people support.

So those of you in Cape Town today will know it is a super wintery, cold and wet day today so we decided it would be the perfect day to go out and spread some love and warmth. 

I bought two loaves of fresh bread, the bag of scarves we had completed so far and some freshly made soup that was still piping hot and went to fetch Cayden and his friend Lucy from school. 

On the way home we stopped where we saw people and handed them each a scarf, two pieces of bread and a cup of thick, warm, nutritious soup! It was such an amazing feeling to be able to give to people that really needed it and to meet some new, lovely and friendly people! 

We got to give food & a scarf to that sweet old man who has been standing at the robots near Cayden’s school for as long as I can remember, if you come from Cape Town once you see him you cant forget him, he has the most weird teeth and fulls the funniest faces and makes crazy noises to make the kids laugh. I have always thought he has such a genuine, kind look about him! We then met Markus along Imaam Haraan rd and then went on to the Spar to try and find some of the friends we usually take food and coffee to. They were unfortunately not there but we had the pleasure of meeting Thomas, Nicolas and the sweetest old lady called Frances who had the most beautifully lined face and happy smile (pics to follow!).


Then lastly on our way home we stopped off opposite the Claremont police station and handing out our goodies to a group of 5 people who were huddled under a overhanging outside one of the shops. We had met the lady Charlotte before but not the rest of the guys she lives with. They were most appreciative and allowed us to take a pic of them. Charlotte was most excited when I said I would print her a copy and take it to her as she wanted to send it back to her family in Stellenbosch.



All in all it was a most rewarding afternoon and we hope that the small kindness we have shown today will ripple out and continue to spread throughout Cape Town in this last few cold weeks of winter!

Never forget a kind act no matter how big or small never goes to waste! 


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