Sharing the Kindness 1 Spur voucher at a Time!

Sharing the Kindness 1 Spur voucher at a Time!

So today, thanks to Spur Cavendish, Cayden, his friend Veer and I received 25 Spur vouchers to hand out to children in the Cavendish shopping mall.

The plan was to have a fun, spontaneous handing out of vouchers to children we saw as we walked around the shopping mall and I must say I was not expecting it to be quiet as intimidating as it turned out to be.

I guess in this day and age we have been sadly so programmed to believe that there is no such thing as a free handout and that anything that a stranger wants to give you has got to have strings attached! Quiet a few parents turned us down point blank without us getting a chance to explain what we were trying to do.

The kids soon got quiet weary about walking up to strangers and offering them the vouchers they were so excited to hand out and they made me go up and talk while they hang back shyly behind me. I must say if I had just been me I would have given up after a few failed attempts! However the kids were desperate to hand the vouchers out so we kept at it for a good hour and a half to two hours.

All in all I was glad we stuck at it! For every two negative people we encountered there was at least one very kind, grateful person who took the time to listen to us explaining that this was a free voucher for them to use no strings attached and gave the children really kind words of thanks. By the end the kids lost their shyness and really enjoyed the process and kept asking really loudly after a person turned us down – why on earth do they not want the voucher! – lol.

The most interesting part of the experiment was that teenagers where so much more open, kind and willing to listen that the adults we encountered.

It is a good lesson in parenting that we should raise our children to see the good in other people and not just assume the worst!

Like the inspirational video depicts, if you search for what is good in this world you will find it!!

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