Sharing some tea & a chat in Harfield Village

23 July 2013 - kindness

So on Tuesday Cayden, a good friend of his and I set out armed with muffins, inspirational notes & tea ready to share some kindness around our neighbourhood.

We got to meet Thomas a homeless man who has a one day a week job but is struggling to find other work, Louise a mom of two who begs at the robot near our local Spar to feed herself and her children and Charlotte a lady who is living under a shop door trying to get shelter at night from the rain.

It was great to be able to warm them up a little with a hot cup of tea and to just sit down and have a small chat with them. It is so easy to forget that they are humans just like us that have a name and a story!

To end of a successful afternoon of kindness the kids decided by themselves to pick up a bunch of rubbish from the pavement and toss it in the bin.
What a perfect world it would be if every kid grew up wanting to help others and the planet!

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