Kindness in Knysna

So this morning we had the pleasure of going up to a township school in Knysna with Cayden’s Grandmother, Shelley.

Shelley runs a amazing feeding program for children in Knysna and the surrounding areas ( and organised for us to go up to one of the schools where she distributes Epap.

We took along some biscuits to decorate and some toys to play with and had a fantastic morning playing with the children. 

Cayden helped them make racing cars and marie biscuit faces. We then headed outdoors and blew bubbles for the kids to chase and made puzzles.

It was such a wonderful morning watching the children play together. Most of the kids could only speak Xhosa and a couple of kids Afrikaans as well as Xhosa so communication was challenging but it is amazing how kids can really connect with each other even if they don’t speak the same language.

I left the school feeling so grateful for the opportunities and things that I so often take for granted and was truly amazed at how friendly, patient and well behaved the children at the school where. They made the biscuits and then had to wait about 45 minutes before they could eat them but none of them nagged or tried to sneak a bite at all they just patiently waited. They were so cheerful and thankful for the time and treats we had given them it is a good lesson for those of us who have so much but are still not ‘happy’ with what we have.

Sometimes the simplest pleasures in life are the most precious!

Check out our facebook page to see the rest of the pics –

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