This Week so Far

So it is now the three week winter holidays for us in Cape Town and as any parent with small kids would know holidays are hectic, it is amazing how much energy a small 7 year old child has and how much stimulation and activity has to go on to keep him occupied for a full day! Hence the lack of posting for a few days. 

This week has been great it started off with us leaving a book in the local park for someone to read and enjoy (the thought is that once they have finished the book they leave it in another public place for someone else to read),  handing out some food at the robots to a hungry man standing out in the pouring rain, we then had the opportunity to chat to and give Gideon, a homeless man, a cup of coffee and sandwiches (it always amazing me how much they appreciate someone just sitting down and having a genuine 5 minute conversation with them!). 

Then last night I got to take my fabulous husband out to dinner and since the food and service was so great I left the waiter a big tip – he was so suprised and totally unexpectant of this kindness that when i gave him the tip he gave the usual thanks then came back a few minutes later when he realised how much it was to say thanks again!! It is really a privilege to be able to afford to reward someone for a job well done. 

Well that is a wrap up of the week so far.

Dont forget that for every small act of kindness you do you bring joy to another person and in turn bring lots of joy to yourself as well! Two wrongs don’t make a right but one kindness makes a lot of people happy!


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