Week One = Success

Man week one has passed and this journey is growing from strength to strength. We have been so touched by the comments and responses we have gotten from family, friends and strangers!

It is amazing how simple acts of kindness can really inspire and join people together 🙂

As Cayden says ‘two wrongs dont make a right but two rights make a lot of people happy’.

Yesterday the school holidays begun and in the afternoon it poured with rain for a couple of hours in Cape Town. This was a great opportunity to share the love. One very kind car guard braved the cold and rain and walked us to our car under his umbrella he very sweetly stood and waiting until both Cayden and I had got into the car so that we didnt have to get too wet and was genuinely super appreciative of the small change and motivational note we gave him in return.

We then started our drive home and spotted a homeless man not begging at the robots but just standing against the wall trying to get a small amount of shelter. We decided to pull over the car as soon as we could and ran out in the rain to give him a small amount of money for food. He was so surprised and happy to receive something unexpected it really made our day 🙂

So we headed on home and since we were already rather wet Cayden decided to make the most of it and jump in as many giant puddles as possible and run around like crazy in the rain… nothing like a small puddle to attract a child !

We then got to bundle indoors have a nice warm bath and put on some cosy dry clothes, we really appreciated the fact that we had a nice warm home and dry clothes to come home to – so much to be grateful for especially in these cold winter months!


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