Cake & Candy at school

So today being the second last day of the second term for Cayden (scarily close to the looooooonng 3 week winter holidays) his school hosted the termly Cake and Candy day where all the pupils get to dress in casual clothes and take money to spend at various stalls around the school grounds. 

So our idea for kindness for today was to pop a R2/R5 coin in a small plastic bag together with a motivational card and a sticker saying ‘Take me I am Free’ so that anyone who found one could have a little extra money to spend at the stalls. 

When I fetched him from school he had a few bags extra so we decided we would hand them out at the various robots on the way home as we usually get stopped at at least three robots on the way home where there are people selling the Big Issue or Funny Money and the man with the weird teeth/lack of teeth who does the weird thing with his mouth at the third robot (anyone who lives in CPT Southern Suburbs Im sure will know who i am talking about).

As luck or karma would have it each and every robot we encountered was green so we did not get to stop at any of them (on a usual day this would have been super exciting) but since we were quiet keen to share the love this was a little disappointing for us! However Cayden came up with a plan and decided it would be fun to hide a few bags in a couple of bushes along the side of our road so that people could happen upon some small treasures when they least expected them. So we had great fun hunting out appropriate spots and the plan is to check on them tomorrow to see if anyone has found them yet. 

We also snuck a cute little card under Granny’s door in the hopes to cheer her up since she has been quiet sick this week and Cayden was thrilled to get a phone call later from her thanking him for his kind deed.

Lastly he brought back a whole bunch of the Keep Smiling colouring sheets his classmates completed at school so we are thoroughly looking forward to finding somewhere to drop them off  during the holidays!

Good kindness day 🙂


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