Sharing the Kindness at School

So while I was spreading the word about Cayden’s Kindness Day on Facebook he got to share all about our kindness journey with his class. (Man I am so impressed with his confidence and ability to get up and chat about something infront of his whole class – something I would never have coped with at his age!)

It all started when yesterday Cayden and I came up with an idea which involved his class each colouring in a special colouring in page with a note saying ‘Keep Smiling’. We are planning to then collect all the drawings and during the holiday take them to hand out at an old age home.

I emailed his teacher last night telling her about our blog and journey and asking her if on the off chance they may have time to complete the colouring sheet sometime before the holidays on Friday or early next term. I got no response from her during the course of the day so I was overjoyed when Cayden shared with me, when I fetched him, how the day had gone.

The teacher got him to tell all his classmates about our blog and the kind things that we have done so far and explain to all of them about our idea for the colouring pages and he said all the kids thought it was so cool and they enthusiastically set to the task of colouring. Some kids even wanting to do more than one. 

So the kindness is spreading ! 

One of my favourite things about this journey is that it is a way in which we can really make a substantial change in the world, anytime, without it costing anything (unless you want it to) which can be done by a person of any age, no one is too young or too old.



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