Cayden’s Kindness Day – 19 June 2013

What a special day!

It is always so magical to see how people respond to a little kindness. I made an appeal on Facebook for people to do one kind act for others and email us to let us know about it and I really appreciate each and everyone who took the time to share your act of kindness with us your stories were beautiful.

The response to our blog has been wonderful we have already had views in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Denmark, Korea to name a few. It has been such an eye opening experience for me and Cayden to see how kind deeds can ripple out across the world. We are planning to draw up a world map and map out the places our kind deeds have touched 🙂

So today to spread the love we printed out a bunch of motivational cards which we dropped off in post boxes, left on car windscreens and handed to people on the side of the road. People where so appreciative and astounded when we pulled the car over and Cayden politely said ‘ excuse me would you like a card’?. We caught one of our policemen walking to work along 1st Ave and he gave us such a heartwarming smile and thank you!

Then to end off this special day Cayden said such a sweet thing to me just before bedtime tonight, after we had finished up the prep for our kindness act for tomorrow (Pics to follow tomorrow). He said:- I really love doing kind things for people it makes me feel so good. Instead of two wrongs not making a right, two rights make lots of people happy. What wise words from such a young boy!


2 thoughts on “Cayden’s Kindness Day – 19 June 2013

  1. “Two rights making lots of people happy” Wise words indeed from such a young child. Cayden is learning so much from this. I think your idea of mapping the places you have touched is a marvellous idea, a Geography lesson too. I just can’t wait each day to see what you two have been up to. I really think you have started something which will catch on and spread far and wide. Well done. Lots of love, Grany G

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