Kind Words

Never underestimate the power of a few kind words. This quote sums it up beautifully:- When words are both true and kind, they can change the world. ~ Buddha

Words are free and can mean so much to someone.

I spent 5 minutes this morning writing an email to a work colleague thanking her for her hard work and her patience and help that she gives me everyday and got a beautiful response saying how much she appreciated my words and that they made her day.

Cayden has already decided that his act of kindness for today is going to be to draw our neighbour a picture and  write her a letter thanking her for her kindness. She is the best neighbour ever, she is over 83 and is such an inspiration always lending a hand, cooking for her huge family once a week and baking for church on Sundays. She also keeps a jar of sweets just for Cayden (he is allergic to peanuts so he cant eat all sweets but she has specially gone out of her way to buy sweets he can eat). She also has not missed his birthday once since he was born every birthday and Christmas she buys him a small gift and card.

So my challenge for the day is take a few minutes and write someone a note or phone or walk over and tell them something that you appreciate about them! Few free minutes of your time = a big ray of sunshine into someone else’s day!

Want to share your kind deed with us please email us at


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