Cayden’s first blog post

My name is Cayden and I am 7 years old and live in Cape Town, South Africa. 

The reason why I want to do kind things is because I can spread kind all over the world! 

My favourite kindness act so far is giving some of my pocket money to a friend to buy popcorn and pretzels.

I like to do kind things so I can make other people happy and it makes me feel glad.

The next kindness thing I want to do is draw a smiley face or happy message with chalk on the ground for a stranger to see. 

I hope that if you see this blog you will want to do kindness things too.


2 thoughts on “Cayden’s first blog post

  1. Buying your friend some popcorn and pretzels was a very kind thing to do. I bet he was so happy, and you too. You encouraged me to do a kind thing today too. The girl in the cottage next door to us on holiday had a birthday today. I bought her some chocolates and she was so surprised and happy as I don’t know her. We only met her this morning. It is really good to help people feel happy.

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