Kindness for a stranger

Today was a fabulous day!

Everyone in Cape Town will know that the sun was shiny and everything looked crisp and clean and deliciously warm. It was a friends birthday and we were taking him out for breakfast to celebrate and decided to walk down to the restaurant so that we could enjoy some fresh air and get a little bit of exercise. 

We arrived at the restaurant and had some fabulous coffee and food with the beautiful table mountain in the background.Near the end of breakfast E was getting a little tired so I picked him up and walked a little around the restaurant to try and get him to sleep and this is when I saw a little old lady sitting all alone, enjoying the sun and a cup of coffee. Totally unlike my usual shy behaviour I decided to go up and say hi. She was super friendly and I ended up sitting down at her table and chatting with her for about 5 mins. She lived close by and being a energetic person loved most of all to get out and about and walk around the neighbourhood. She mentioned that she loved coming out for coffee and occasionally when she could afford it would have a piece of cake as well. 

We finished our chat and I went back to my table and on the way back I thought why not pay for a piece of cake for her to enjoy with her coffee so I went and found her waitress and paid for the cake and shortly after we left the restaurant.

I stopped a few meters away and waited to make sure they brought her out her cake, I saw her surprised happy face when she received the cake and the waitress explained it had been paid for already.

I then walked on home enjoying the sunshine, my family and the feeling of sharing a small amount of joy with a lovely friendly stranger I met at a coffee shop! 


2 thoughts on “Kindness for a stranger

  1. This is awesome Sally, I have experienced this many times in the past and have felt how blessed one feels after this and how The Lord blesses us in return for caring for His people. You are doing a fantastic thing by showing Cayden how to love and be kind. xx

    1. Thanks Colleen it is amazing how much joy can be created by a small act for others not only do you bring happiness into someone elses life but it can bring so much happiness into your own day too 🙂
      Great way to keep positive!

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