Caydens First Act of Kindness

So I decided last Monday that for reasons of self growth and because I had so much to be grateful for that I wanted to share the happiness with others. 

The first few days I just focused on acts of kindness I carried out by myself. I brought a homeless man sitting outside our house a cup of hot chocolate on a cold day. I donated money to a children’s home and wrote a encouraging note to a neighbour. Some of the deeds took me a little out of my comfort zone but it left me feeling like I had made a small difference and that made me feel great!

I then thought I would love Cayden to experience the same happiness that I felt when doing something nice for someone else so I broached the subject at bedtime. It was met with huge amounts of enthusiasm. My suggestion was that one day a week we do something kind for a friend or stranger, his immediate response was why only one day a week so we quickly decided that any day we wake up and decided we wanted to do something nice we would call it kindness day.

So the next day with great excitement he set off to do his first ‘act of kindness’. He took his pocket money and at break bought himself a bag of popcorn (his fav thing to buy at the tuck shop) and bought another bag for his friend to have. When I fetched him from school that day he was SO happy and bursting to tell me about his ‘kindness’. The best thing was he had already received an act of kindness himself from a stranger. While he was in line buying his popcorn he wanted an ice cream as well but could not afford to buy one if he bought his friend popcorn so the boy in the queue behind him paid for him to have an ice cream.

He was on such a high from his first act that we cant wait to get started with the other ideas on our list 🙂


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